10 Million Android Devices Infected by Malware

Is Your Android Safe?

Thousands of consumers are rushing to get their hands on the latest Android protection, after 10million Android Smartphones infected by a vicious malware names ‘hummingbad’.

Sarah Hansworth – Android Technician Sarah Hansworth investigates a free Smartphone scan that has gone viral in the U.S.

If you live in the U.S and have an Android device connected to the internet, then we advise you to keep reading.

The virus allows hackers to completely take control of your smartphone, intercepting private message, calls, injecting apps with advertising and even accessing your personal or financial information.

If you connect to the internet from your Smartphone, use social media or download apps regularly, you may be at risk of hidden malware, and it’s important you take necessary measures to protect yourself.

Officials are now urging users to claim a new app that is gaining popularity amount Android users in the U.S.

Security Experts Are Now Calling This “A Must Have for Android Users.”

Designed by an elite team of app developers, Scanguard™ have launched a free scan giveaway to help protect Smartphone users from Malicious threats and unwanted Trojans.

The app uses a unique algorithm to scan your entire Smartphone for the latest online threats, plus give your device a well-deserved speed boost. Anyone can use it, and it takes 2 minutes to setup.

One user we spoke to said; “I had no idea that you could get Viruses on Smartphone’s until I was infected by this hummingbird malware. They managed to gain access to my online banking, as well as send pictures on my behalf. The bank told me about Scanguard so I decided to try it out. Scanguard instantly removed the harmful threats that were hidden inside a game on my device, I activated real-time Antivirus protection; now I couldn’t feel safer.”

ScanGuard™ will detect and eliminate any Viruses, Adware, and Malware which may be silently dormant on your Android smartphone or tablet, ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your device, or even, steal your personal information like credit card data when shopping online or Internet banking.
How Do I Claim My Free Scanguard™ Scan?

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, then you are eligible for a free security scan.

1.    Simply download the Official Android Security Giveaway Here
2.    Enter your Name, Email & Password and launch the Scanguard™ Security Scan

If threats are located, you can manually remove them from your device by accessing the system files within your Smartphone settings or upgrade to the Scanguard™ Ultimate Antivirus package (Costing only $2) which will instantly remove them for you and activate real-time protection.

Click Here To Claim The Scanguard™ Free Security Scan.

  • Robert Reeser | less than a minute ago
    This is crazy!! I'm telling everyone I know!!
  • Ellie Tate | 6 minutes ago
    I literally never thought about getting virus protection for my phone, to get it this cheap is insane
  • Dale Berkeley | 23 minutes ago
    This is great, all the techy people I know are using a service like Scanguard. Love the android app you get with it.
  • Xiao Lin | 1 hour ago
    Is this serious
  • Sara Ashley | 51 minutes ago
    @Xiao Yep - Been using a Scanguard for a few weeks now, i would never have a phone without it, it gives me peace of mind which is the best thing!!!
  • Thomas Jenkins | 3 hours ago
    I always wondered about security when I use online banking on my phone, so i just signed up for this, thanks for the advice was super easy and i now feel safe.
  • Russell Khazri | 5 hours ago
    So good to know I'm protected from hackers now, it seems like every day someone I know has their phone infected and their details stolen and it literally ruins their life.
  • Dean L. | 5 hours ago
    Finally someone is raising awareness for this, I work for a cyber security company and I tell anybody who will listen about the dangers of using a phone without protection from malware. Do you not watch the news? People wont believe me unless they see their own samsung or HTC or whatever turned into a useless brick
  • Jordan Nester | 6 hours ago
    Surely this isn't real?
  • Pritya Canelo | 4 hours ago
    @Jordan I heard about these services '09, been totally safe for me ever since...
  • Floyd Middleton | 3 hours ago
    @Pritya Really? I have got to check this out
  • Cara Blanford | Yesterday
    This article is stupid, if you don't know about this you are a complete moron